I offer coaching, reading, and editing services for a range of fiction genres. All clients receive a standard Non-Disclosure Agreement for each project. My preferred genres include crime, mystery, thriller, magical realism, fantasy, historical, and contemporary fiction for MG, YA, and adults. I love crossovers and genre mash-ups.

I am not a good fit for heavy romance, erotica, or religion.


You can reach out with questions or schedule a free consultation below.  I'm an independent freelancer; I do not sub-contract your project to other freelancers. If you hire me, you can trust that I do all the work myself. 

Find definitions of the types of editing here.


        We can all agree that writing is hard. No matter what stage you're in, how many pages—or books—you have under your belt, a writing coach is a great idea. Coaches help push writers to succeed so coaching services vary by coach. It's important to find the service that works best for you.

        This mentoring package provides a flexible list of services to help you customize your coaching experience. Some writers need strict deadlines and reminders, others can't think with that stress, but all writers need support. Together, we'll find a plan that works with your life, strengths, and weaknesses to help you succeed in your goals. 

        After the initial consultation, we'll start with a one-on-one chat where we discuss your lifestyle, project, fears, and what's important to you. We'll develop your project goals, set deadlines, and make an action plan. This coaching package includes a lot of options so you can find a combination that works for you. 

  • Scheduled chats weekly, biweekly, or monthly

  • Scheduled submissions, deadlines, and reminders

  • Support, mentoring, and additional assistance via email, text, or both

  • Feedback on your submissions and progress

        We'll adjust until we find what works for you. I'm here to hold you accountable and help you succeed.​ 

Coaching Package: $450/mo (flat rate, USD—billed weekly, biweekly, or monthly)

Alpha Reading

        Sometimes we write a thing and we don't know which "industry box" it fits into. Sometimes we hit a wall and don't know how to move around it. An alpha reader can help you figure that out, as well as help you see how close you are to finished and which stage is the next step for you. As your alpha reader, I'll read through your rough draft and focus on what this project could become

        This reading service includes feedback on each chapter and the story overall. I'll pay special attention to areas you specify and provide advice to help you reach your target readership more effectively. 

Alpha Reading Package: $0.50 per 250 words (USD—billed in installments)

Developmental Editing

        This is the most important, time-intensive stage of the editing process. A developmental edit is essential for all projects because it shows you what works, what doesn't, and how to make sure your story makes sense. Don't worry about what your manuscript looks like at this stage; start with a good foundation to make the rest of your process much easier.

        This package includes several separate, complete reviews of your manuscript and a closing beta read. For this package, you're welcome to send an early (even a first) draft. I study the structure of your story and point out any plot holes or inconsistencies. I'll give you a thorough review with special attention to the areas of concern we discuss in our consultation. 

        Take all the time you need to review the notes and revise. Feel free to reach out with questions throughout this process; we can even schedule a chat. It is normal for this stage to require a new draft! Let me know when you're ready to schedule the next review of your revised manuscript. We can repeat this process until you're happy.

        After your second round of developmental edits, you are welcome to request a beta read at no additional cost. 

Editing Package: $0.033/word (USD—billed in installments)


I'm happy to discuss details about services, my process, what you can expect, and more during our free consultation chat. Schedule your chat below and click here to find out how to prepare.


Consultation Chat

A consultation is a scheduled time for us to talk. It gives you the opportunity to decide if we're a good fit before you purchase a service and helps me understand your goals, both as a writer and for your work.

Consultations are free and text-only so you don't have to worry about video or audio distractions. Click here for tips to help you prepare.


You own the rights to your material. My job is to help you find the best words to express your thoughts. I will never claim rights to your work or charge royalties fees. 

Additional protections: you receive a signed, standard Non-Disclosure Agreement for each project we discuss. 


I invoice through PayPal in installments. You'll put a 50% deposit on file up front and pay the remainder of your balance when the work is completed. Your deposit is fully refundable until you receive a bill for the remaining balance. I will email you before each bill (except for coaching). 

PayPal offers direct withdrawal and credit card options as well as an internal installments plan with no interest. I'm happy to work with you to find a structure that suits your needs.

US residents may submit a 1099 contractor form depending on cost so you can claim my service as a business expense. This is your choice.

The PLS fee structure is on par with the Editorial Freelancers Association reported average.